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mike saturday

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[May. 17th, 2005|04:44 pm]
mike saturday

We're in New Orleans now, heading toward florida tonight. The following is from a week or so ago in Lawrence, Kansas. I recorded the conversation on my digital camera and typed it out on the train.



-muffled thumping-

Mike: Oh shit.

Mike: Sorry. Sorry. We're like, best friends.

Joey: Yeah, we're just playing around.

Cop: Looks pretty serious for just playing around. -something else, unintelligible-

Joey: We're seriously just fucked up.

Cop: Can I see some ID?

Joey: I might've actually left mine. No! Here it is!

Cop: Where's she going?

Joey: She's mormon. She's real nervous around cops.

Cop: -laughs-

Mike: We have a problem with, you know, punching each other in front of cops. But, you know, we probably wouldn't have done it if we knew there were cops.


Mike: -nervous laugh-

Cop: So where do y'all live?

Joey: I live in Halifax.

Cop: Halifax? Where's that?

Joey: It's in Nova- It's in Canada.

Cop: Where do you live here in Kansas?

-conversation continues in this manner until our host comes back for us-

Host: You're retarded. Are you serious?

Mike: We're crazy, but it's no big deal.

Host: Come on. Don't kick each other in the street, that's number one. number two, don't punch each other in the street. number three, don't knock each other over in the street.

Joey: We didn't know the cops were there!

Cop: Whether we're there or not, take it home.

Mike: I'm sorry, we're just Canadians. It was a bad thing to do.

Host: Come on, I'll take you somewhere else.

Cop: Find something else to do.

Joey: Alright, thank you officers!


Joey: Have a good night!

Host: I kept walking because that was embarassing.

Joey: My ear hurts from you kicking me.

Mike: Kansas, kansas. Only in Kansas. What can they do? We tell them we're from Canada. The fact, uh, our ID is from Canada. They're like "I guess that's what they do there, hit each other in the head."

Joey: You've got a punch in the neck coming to you. I've been saving it up.